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basketballchallengeSPORTS OUTREACH - Dog Soldiers 4 Jesus Christ annually hosts four athletic outreach events: Middle School March Madness Basketball Tournament, Hardwood Basketball Challenge, Diamond Showcase, GODIRON Flag Football League, and the Jingle Bell Classic. These events have touched the lives of Native American youth throughout Oklahoma, as well as Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New York, and South Dakota! CLICK HERE TO VIEW EVENTS


campBOOT CAMPS · We are challenging YOU to come be a part of the 3rd Annual “Boot Camp” filled with fun and interesting activities. Spend the night, meet new people, exercise your skills and learn new ones that will last a life time, as well as receive spiritual guidance.· We want to equip you and encourage you to be YOU even under the peer pressures of today.



action1ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY - Are you in need of a photographer to capture sports action? NBBC provides digital photography services for sports events, such as football games or basketball tournaments. Browse through our photo gallery to see our work. While you are there, we suggest you take to time to view photo galleries of one of our latest sponsored athletic events. CLICK HERE FOR MORE